Mr Great Britain/Europe

In 2012, Ty competed in England as an amateur against other athletes all around Europe. He won his division and went on to win the overall title as Mr Europe which granted him his Professional Title.

After winning his title in 2012 as Mr Great Britain/ Europe Ty devised a concept for his followers to show through dedication and determination that a lot can be achieved. This video was called ``Can a bodybuilder be a gymnast, a 2 episode series on a popular Fitness Chanel - Fit media. Ty was able to accomplish a Muscle up on the Olympic Rings on his first tutorial at the gymnasium.

Mr Universe

In 2013 Ty went out to Miami to compete against other natural Professional athletes from all over the world. He won his division, and then went on to win the Overall title as Mr Universe with the natural bodybuilding federation - Musclemania.

Ty made a charity visit to Nigeria to help support the less privileged kids

Ty made a charity visit to Nigeria on two occasions after winning his Title as Mr Universe 2013. He visited Lagos and Abuja to help support the less privileged kids. Being of Nigerian roots himself, he felt his accomplishments in the fitness industry as a Natural bodybuilding athlete, would serve as motivation and inspiration to the kids of tomorrow, giving them something positive to aspire towards.

Ty's appearance on fitness central- Rage TV in the UK

Invited to appear on British TV station (Rage TV- Fitness Central where I spoke on my accompishments in the fitness industry – like how I won titles like Mr Universe and Mr Europe – and also my recent 6 month contract to live in Kuwait, representing the biggest supplements distributor Wawan protein as the brand ambassador and face of the company. I also speak about my latest music single “Bigger and Better” which was released on my YouTube Chanel – Ty Oghd

TV Host at a Fitness show on AlRai TV
Nutrition and Food sponsored athlete Kuwait. Featured in Temptation tumblers, cat food commercial as an American Footballer. UK. and plays in cinemas all over the U.S - TEMPTATIONS TUMBLERS™ - Time To Play Ball

Ty Visit to Ikes Grill and Cafe

I often find it hard to experience West African restaurants with great quality and healthy options on the menu.
To my surprise, during a recent trip to Atlanta Georgia, I was fortunate enough to visit Ikes Grill and Cafe. And have to say, was very impressed with the outcome.
Guided by popular Atlanta Blogger Nita Pop, we had a selection of things to eat while discussing my plans for 2016, along with the current launch of my website with what to expect.
Check it out.

Fitness is a lifestyle and tradition as opposed to being a chore or additional activity.
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