In 2014 I was invited twice to attend a charity event in Nigeria to help support less privileged kids at which I made a guest posing performance in the presence of Nigerian high delegates, including the likes of Super Eagles head coach Stephen Keshi and the Commisioner of sports.
Whilst out in Nigeria, I had the opportunity to meet with a bodybuilding show promoter who highlighted his opinions on the views of bodybuilding as a sport in Nigeria and how frowned upon it was.
Most bodybuilders in Africa are majorly stereotyped as being only useful for Bodyguard/Security duties or at most seen in movies as thugs and hooligans.
This stereotype in the western world has been diffused at a great level – with some bodybuilders making it as far as Government officials – Arnold Schwarzenegger.
It is in my opinion, that the same combat on these stereotypes can be transferred over to Africa. And this has become one of my goals to accomplish.
Major obstacles in which they face: the lack of funds, lack of knowledge on opportunities available in the western world for their skill set, lack of enough motivation and inspirational figure in the society to stand as a role model and bench mark for African bodybuilders to aspire to become.
These are things I’ve researched on and willing to look into ways that the commercial aspect of Bodybuilding is reflected and well presented in Nigeria.

To me? Fitness is a lifestyle and tradition as opposed to being a chore or additional activity. In other words, you should feel the same satisfaction you get from taking a shower as you do from getting out the gym. By chance, I understood what benefits a good workout could help with as an individual and as a team player.
Being naturally energetic and wrestles, I found a channel to release this character and become calmer in actions and most importantly thinking, as with a workout of the body comes a work out of the mind. I’ve never looked back ever since.Share to Inspire.From strength to strength literally you grow both ways.
From this discovery I made it a weekly thing to visit the gym and this is where I very fitst met my Fitness Instructor Dan Parker who suggested I get involved in bodybuilding shows. sounded alot at first as it’ll mean rigorous training and dieting even as I work 9-6pm mon-friday. This woukdnt stop me from pursuing this dream which I always had but just never saw reality of putting it to practise. so I worked out a time table to fit around my day job, working out from round 6:30pm – 8:30 4 days/week having wednesdays and weekends off for rest and recovery. As time went on i realised that this could’ve been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. i work in investment sales, which could be very tidious and stressful at times, going to the gym replenishes my strength and mental mind frame to come back to work fresh and ready to proactively deliver. also youll find that when u focus on synchronising your mind with your muscle – you get better results that way. The idea behind this, is your work out is done properly, paying attention to every detailed movement to stimulate and motivate your perseverance to hit those last reps, and as we all know they’re the ones that really count!
Im a believer in the fact that What so ever you want to achieve, you can. If anyone ever told you u couldn’t they incorrect but like a GPS reroutes, so should you to your desired destination with no hesitation. With this mind set and assistance from my instructor and the Federation organisers(U-Phorm) for placing me in the right category and direction, I was able to win my first title for Heavy weights and Overall champion of Musclemania European and Commonwealth even whilst working at my day job – It has replenished my passion to believe in the ability of setting your mind on something and going for it and by Gods grace, it all comes to manifestation with hard work and dedication. From work outs to dedicated and disciplined diets, it’s a rough cycle as days come with minimal carbohydrate which as we know reduces energy levels, so a lot of struggling at work and at the gym. In order to get through these times I think to myself “How bad do you want it” a question I often ask whenever I’m thinking of holding back or giving any less than I’ve got. It works like magic, I want it bad – I mean why would I want it a little, might as well not want it at all! It’s either all or nothing – if you want it a little then you don’t want it at all, is my belief. If this is the case, don’t waste your time, move unto something that you want more than just a little.
Time is Muscle, you rip what you sow – It’s like using a credit card, but not paying any interest, instead the interest is being paid back to you in muscle mass – break some fibre to multiply your gains!
Through every goal comes obstacles – they as we know come in various shapes and sizes. What do you do to overcome your personal walls, mountains all depends on your mind frame. It’ll be tough, nobody said it’ll be easy. It’s important to remind yourself of this and see any minor setback as a major comeback. “Road to Easy street goes through the Sewer” Diamond in the rough and needle in a haystack all famous and relevant sayings. It’s there waiting, all you have to do is observe patience and keep in your momentum. If you keep hitting a wall it’s going to eventually crush, and I’m a Juggernaut to my obstacles is what you should know and believe.For more on my lifestyle, mind frame and motivational write ups – Subscribe to my website as I’ll be sharing fitness and motivational tips to help you reach your goals – weather it be physical or mental.