I often find it hard to experience West African restaurants with great quality and healthy options on the menu.
To my surprise, during a recent trip to Atlanta Georgia, I was fortunate enough to visit Ikes Grill and Cafe. And have to say, was very impressed with the outcome.
Guided by popular Atlanta Blogger Nita Pop, we had a selection of things to eat while discussing my plans for 2016, along with the current launch of my website with what to expect.
Check it out.


Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Tyrone Tseye Ogedegbe. I am 29 years old, working 9-6 as an investment analyst and also a Natural bodybuilding champion athlete. I won the overall title as Mr Britain in 2012 and now just won Mr Universe Musclemania 2013. I also am a sports model, personal trainer, part time actor, also have a passion for making music.

 You will be storming Nigeria next year for a show…could you expatiate on this.

I will be visiting Nigeria for the Paul Okoku launch of the charity for Less privileged kids- I’ve always supported the progress and motivation for the youth – have motivational talks in London at the Damilola Taylor youth Center – the late Damilola a kid who was victimised by gangs in London- so I’m keen and inspired by what Chief Okoku is looking to do in Nigeria.

In addition, I’ll be launching a fitness program that will help Nigerian athletes and anyone interested in getting fit and looking good. Special appearances will also be made on TV stations and events to promote fitness in my mother land.

 For those not conversant with your body building prowess, could you throw more light on it?

Body building is a unique and authentic sport, one that requires a lot of discipline, hard work and dedication with real passion. You are scored on symmetry, body condition and presentation – the whole package basically in physical muscle form.

We learnt you will be playing a significant role in the launch of the “Paul Okoku Greater Tomorrow Children’s Tournament for less-privileged children.” What specific contributions will you be making and what is/are the motivation(s) behind this?

At the Paul Okoku Greater tomorrow event, I’ll be making a guest appearance, flexing and performing to wow the crowd! My motivation behind this is that I’ll be promoting a positive message to the kids, giving them something they can aspire to and to support a movement to inspire the youth.

What’s your relationship with Chief Paul Okoku?  

Chief Paul Okoku is a good friend of my uncle, Nathaniel Ogedegbe, and they were colleagues and members of the flying Eagles of Nigeria way back in the 1980s.

What motivated you to want to do good for humanity?

I believe in giving back to the community, not just being a success but helping out where I can and when I can. I feel everything happens for a reason, and God has put me in a position so I can’t ignore my duties to be a role model and share a positive mental attitude to help improve other lives where needed.

Will your performing muscle flexing during the event wow the guests for the event, or is it something to whet the guests’ appetite?

Yes as said I will be flexing at the event and it’s something everyone should be looking forward to as it’ll be a special performance.

What’s the correlation between your being an Investment Analyst with that of an international bodybuilder?

There really isn’t any correlation with me being an investment analyst and international professional bodybuilder; they couldn’t be any different, one is my job and the other my passion – I also use it as a means of de-stressing from a long day at work, and then bodybuilding helps practise discipline at work. To work harder is the best relation I can find as an example

How many countries have you participated in and how many awards have you won so far?

I have participated in two countries and have won four awards in the last two years that I’ve been doing it.

Tell us about how you became Mr Universe Musclemania (Pro division) champion.

I had faith in my creator; as long as I worked my butt off and was sincere to myself about my efforts, the rest was history. I already envisioned myself as the winner even before I flew to Miami, I took myself through what I’d do ‘when’ I win and not ‘if’ I win – this was my mentality – whenever speaking about the competition, I spoke this way, and if you believe in yourself so much people can see it and then start believing in you as well and that’s exactly what happened when the judges set eyes on me. God’s grace took me through it from day one when I started preparing for it.

What inspired you to go into this type of sport?

I was always into lifting weights, a personal trainer in my gym back then said you got what it takes, so why not compete- so I thought, do something I enjoy and get a reward? No brainier

Do you have plans to introduce Nigerian youths into this type of sport?

I do intend to introduce the sport to Nigerian youths, as I’m sure it’ll encourage them to keep fit and also promote discipline and confidence in themselves.

Tell us a bit of your family background and how you ended up in London.

My dad is an engineer in the US and my mum runs her own private business in England – the English education is highly recognised so I felt it was appropriate to have a qualification in the UK and so I did. I’ve got a job here and that’s been it ever since, flying back and forth from US to UK.

How are you related to former Flying Eagles star, Nathaniel Ogedegbe?

Nathaniel Ogedegbe is my uncle, he was captain at St. Finbarrs College Lagos that won the Lagos State Principals Cup in 1978 along side Henry Nwosu and Stephen Keshi and he was amongst the first set of the Flying Eagles that included Henry Nwosu, Stephen Keshi, Sylvanus Okpala, Humphery Edobor, and Franklin Howard.

He was also invited to the national team during preparations for the Africa Cup of Nations in 1980. He was recently inducted to the hall of fame at Alma mater of Alabama A&M University.

Tell us something about your personal life.

I’m passionate about other things like making music, acting, basically entertainment as a genre – I get a buzz from it. I spend a lot of time with family and friends – quite sociable and love to enjoy the finer things in life! Above all I’m religious, have a strong belief in God and forever thankful for His blessings.