Nigerian trip

In 2014 I was invited twice to attend a charity event in Nigeria to help support less privileged kids at which I made a guest posing performance in the presence of Nigerian high delegates, including the likes of Super Eagles head coach Stephen Keshi and the Commisioner of sports.
Whilst out in Nigeria, I had the opportunity to meet with a bodybuilding show promoter who highlighted his opinions on the views of bodybuilding as a sport in Nigeria and how frowned upon it was.
Most bodybuilders in Africa are majorly stereotyped as being only useful for Bodyguard/Security duties or at most seen in movies as thugs and hooligans.
This stereotype in the western world has been diffused at a great level – with some bodybuilders making it as far as Government officials – Arnold Schwarzenegger.
It is in my opinion, that the same combat on these stereotypes can be transferred over to Africa. And this has become one of my goals to accomplish.
Major obstacles in which they face: the lack of funds, lack of knowledge on opportunities available in the western world for their skill set, lack of enough motivation and inspirational figure in the society to stand as a role model and bench mark for African bodybuilders to aspire to become.
These are things I’ve researched on and willing to look into ways that the commercial aspect of Bodybuilding is reflected and well presented in Nigeria.

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