YALA is a song put together last minute as a celebration for Ty’s Middle Eastern fans, but has been well received globally!

Its style is a mix of both singing and rapping – Arab spice, splash of afrobeats and a certain element of punchy substance to ensure you move.

Ty put together a music single dedicated to motivating his fans and making them feel the unachievable can be achieved – the song called Bigger and Better was a hit with a lot of fitness fanatics –
They went on to make workout videos to the song on Instagram.

To mark the final administration of the Obama s, Ty was invited with Hip Hop Pubic Health to The Last ever White House Easter Egg Roll 2016 to perform his new music single “10 Health Commandments”
Giving a very entertaining performance by himself and DougEFresh, with a crowd of up to 30,000 people – it had to be done twice!

Ty was invited to a Hiphop gala in NewYork with a number of elite stars in the industry – where he performed a Freestyle rap on Health commandments with the Legend DougEFresh
The aim of the organisation is to help promote healthy lifestyle to kids through HIpHop as a music genre. The likes of RunDMC, ChuckD, Russell Simmons, Ashanti, Jordin Sparks, Dione Warwick, IceT, doctor Oz and the list goes on.. Where present at the Function

I often find it hard to experience West African restaurants with great quality and healthy options on the menu.
To my surprise, during a recent trip to Atlanta Georgia, I was fortunate enough to visit Ikes Grill and Cafe. And have to say, was very impressed with the outcome.
Guided by popular Atlanta Blogger Nita Pop, we had a selection of things to eat while discussing my plans for 2016, along with the current launch of my website with what to expect.
Check it out.

Ty’s appearance on fitness central- Rage TV in the UK

Invited to appear on British TV station (Rage TV- Fitness Central where I spoke on my accompishments in the fitness industry – like how I won titles like Mr Universe and Mr Europe – and also my recent 6 month contract to live in Kuwait, representing the biggest supplements distributor Wawan protein as the brand ambassador and face of the company. I also speak about my latest music single “Bigger and Better” which was released on my YouTube Chanel – Ty Oghd

Training Day in Kuwait! (Back Workout)

With over 10Million Views – Ty was featured in an American commercial which went viral online, and was playing all over the cinemas in the U.S. With the role as an American Football player, his acting skills got put to practice.


Ty met up with some friends in New York – to include rapper  Jim Jones of Dip-set, giving them tips on his training methods.

Ty’s welcoming as he relocates to Kuwait.

It’s a common question about bodybuilders – ‘how much functionality do they actually have?’. MuscleMania Universe champion Ty O-g decided to put it to the test, as part of his prep for the Universe competition in June 2013. Always looking for new challenges, the reigning British champion teamed up with top gymnastic trainer Alex Jerrom to learn a basic but challenging gymnastic move – the muscle up on rings. In this the first part of their session, Alex takes Ty through the basic training on incline parallel bars, before moving on to low rings.

This video went viral, currently over 4Million hits! via Yoututbe.

“Tumble”s Alex Jerrom trains Bodybuilder Ty in gymnastics.
MuscleMania Universe champion Ty O-g takes on the final stages of his mission to learn a new gymnastic move in Part Two of this short series. Here we see him take on the rings – first the low rings, then the real deal – the Olympic high rings. As a champion bodybuilder, Ty is always looking for a new challenge – this one is to increase his flexibility and test is functionality as a strength athlete.

This video went viral, currently on over 4Million hits!

Wawan academy – Ty was the Online tutor for the fitness academy ran from Kuwait

Whilst in Kuwait, Ty ran a number of fitness seminars on workouts, supplements, nutrition, posing for stage presence in fitness shows. He was also the Go-To tutor on fitness advise at various stores in Kuwait.

Stood as the coach for competitors on a TV Fitness show which aired on Kuwait television station Alrai TV.

Ty was also invited to do a guest pose in Qatar

He continued to stand as a motivational icon- putting together videos in Kuwait to show his mind set and lifestyle

Ty made a charity visit to Nigeria on two occasions after winning his Title as Mr Universe 2013. He visited Lagos and Abuja to help support the less privileged kids. Being of Nigerian roots himself, he felt his accomplishments in the fitness industry as a Natural bodybuilding athlete, would serve as motivation and inspiration to the kids of tomorrow, giving them something positive to aspire towards.

Ty is a graduate from the University of Hull England. He attained his Bachelors degree in Business Management and Information Technology
He went on to work for and Investment management firm in London UK for 4years, where he held the record for biggest deal at the firm worth – 4.6 Million pounds.

Ty hosted a number of fitness camps in London, UK – where he coached competitors for the British fitness shows in 2013 and 2014.

He made champions from the events, giving them guidance and well sought information for their respective divisions.

He was also the Main promoter and organiser for these fitness shows in 2013&2014

Running back stage procedures and ensuring things were done in orderly fashion for a smooth and well ran show.

Ty was the official guest performer at Ms Galaxy universe in the UK – an all female contest testing fitness level and also appearance of the competitors – known for his charisma and outstanding performances on stage- Ty was invited to entertain the crowd on several events

Ty was the official guest performer at Ms Galaxy universe in the UK – an all female contest testing fitness level and also appearance of the competitors – known for his charisma and outstanding performances on stage- Ty was invited to entertain the crowd on several events